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The Bare Minimum

120 GB of Free Space, A Nexus Account (Preferably Premium), a Global Steam Installation of Fallout NV w/ All DLC, & Fallout 3 With All DLC (GOG, Steam, Or Epic Games will do fine for Fallout 3 only, but Fallout New Vegas REQUIRES a Steam Global Copy)

Make sure you install everything to the root of your drive (Ex: C:/Capital Punishment ; C:/Steam). Protected directories such as your Desktop, Program Files, etc may cause issues.

Completely delete & reinstall all old installations of Fallout New Vegas/3 including your My Games/FalloutNV & My Games/Fallout 3 folders

Tools/Programs You Need

Directx Runtime Libraries, Visual C++ Runtime Libraries, The Wabbajack Launcher, & 7-Zip (Or Winrar)

Installing the Games

1.) Install a Fresh Copy of Fallout New Vegas & 3 (English Language Only). Once installation is finished, launch them once and a popup should appear saying detecting game settings.

2.) Set your resolution and other settings to your liking and close the launcher after

Wabbajack Setup

1.) Launch your installed Wabbajack & go to the Cogwheel at the top right. Log into your Nexus account through here

2A.) If you are installing the list from Nexus, unzip the folder you downloaded. Then, inside wabbajack, go to “Install From Disk”. Find the .wabba file you just unzipped and select it

2B.) If you are installing the list through Wabbajack’s Gallery, go to “Browse Modlists” then search Capital Punishment. Click the download icon,

3.) Set your modlist installation location to wherever your would like it (IE: C:/Modlists/Capital Punishment) & it will automatically create the downloads directory for you. Press the play button when you are done and installation will begin

Installing TTW

1.) Download and unzip the TTW 3.3.2 Installer. Then create a new folder called [NoDelete] Tale of Two Wastelands

2.) Make sure Steam is fully closed, then run the Tale of Two Wastelands Launcher. Set the paths for where your Fallout 3, Fallout NV, & [NoDelete] Tale of Two Wastelands main directories are located, then press install (This takes a while)

3.) After the TTW Launcher successfully completes the installation, zip up the [NoDelete] Tale of Two Wastelands folder. You may now safely delete Fallout 3 from your computer.

4.) When Wabbajack successfully completes installing the modlist, drag this 7zip into your Capital Punishment/Downloads directory. Go back to your main Capital Punishment directory, then open up Mod Organizer 2

5.) On the right hand side, sort by Filetime until you see your [NoDelete] Tale of Two Wastelands.7z at the top. Drag and drop this to the top of the lefthand separator PUT TALE OF TWO WASTELANDS HERE

1.) Go to Capital Punishment/Game Folder Files, copy the two save files you find there, and past them to your Capital Punishment/profiles/Casual_Punishment_Default/saves folder

Final Setup

1.) Make sure in MO2 that all of the application directories in the dropdown match the locations on your system. If they do not, change them so that they do.

2.) At the top left of MO2, go to Tools/Settings/Paths/Managed Game. Make sure that this is set to your Capital Punishment folder & not your Vanilla Fallout New Vegas (IE: C:/Capital Punishment/Stock Game/FalloutNV.exe)

3.) You can now select “Capital Punishment TTW” from the right hand dropdown and press play

Optional Post Installation Steps