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Game Saves, Capital Punishment Updates, & How They Coincide

When updating our Wabbajack list, we will always release Patch Notes Here. At the top of each release there will be a statement saying Save Safe For ____ Versions or Not Save Safe. In addition to this, your modlist version can be found at the top of MO2.

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Save Safe

If an update is marked as save safe, your save can be continued on the newest update safely. Make sure, however, that you pay attention to the versions it is save safe for. If an update called 1.43 comes out saying Save Safe for 1.4, 1.41, & 1.42 then you may safely continue ONLY IF you are on those versions. If you are on any other version, then it is to be considered not save safe.

Not Save Safe

If an update is not save safe, this means that all previous updates are not compatible to be continued on it. You will either have to stick with your version or start a new game after updating. A multitude of issues can be caused by playing a save on an unsafe update. These can all lead to random CTD’s to save corruption. Since these bugs/issues would not be present on a fresh save, we cannot offer support.