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0.) TLDR/Current Modpack State

  • Does the Modlist Have Bugs? - Yes
  • Are they Gamebreaking? - None Currently
  • Is this the list for me? - Most likely yes! We have both hardcore and casual lists for any type of player to enjoy!
  • Is the list in active development/actively supported? - Yes
  • Is this a mixmatch of mods? - No

1.) Is this list broken?

While this list is not perfect, it is far from broken and is regularly maintained. At one point in time I could not have said this as confidently as I do now. From the days of our broken vortex packs we have come a long way in ensuring this is as stable and smooth as it can possibly be. In the end we have had numerous users report easily logging full playthroughs spanning 50-200 hours without save corrupts, crashes, or other issues.

2.) Do you know what you’re doing?

When I first started, I had zero clue as to the New Vegas modding environment. I used Project Nevada because I thought it was the cool all in one mod and pretty much did what everyone else does; downloaded what looked cool. By a stroke of luck my collection rose into the top five most downloaded, endorsed, etc categories quickly, and with that I had to learn quickly. I have learned a lot in that time and I am still learning today. I can say that from the days of Vortex to now I definitely know much more than I did. XEdit is currently what I know the least about, but with the support of my team, I have been able to learn and even implement numerous fixes that would have taken me much longer alone.

3.) This person said that you/your mod list were _______. Is that true?

Because of the infamy the vortex collections received, a lot of outdated information against the list and the people working on it has been prevalent. I have been and will continue to be transparent about the content I put out and my modding competency. I would suggest doing your due diligence before allowing any party to sway your opinion. If you are reading this then that is probably the case.

4.) Is this list just a mish mash of mods?

This list has been carefully curated and over time, added to/reduced from to create a completely overhauled experience. For hardcore, we have made it to where the player starts off weak, but quickly gains strength and power in the wasteland with the proper planning and understanding of the list contents. In the casual list, we have removed mods which may cause hinderance to the more relaxed style normal difficulty new vegas originally offers. Secondary to these, updating textures, animations, and creating livelier and new world spaces for the player to enjoy is the next priority. Depending on your definition, this can be yes or no. I would say that the only mods that could be construed as a mish mash would be the new world space and quest mods

5.) Can this list be modified?

For the time being, we do not offer support for list modification. However, we have an active community of users and channels dedicated to unsupported modifications which allow you tom receive help from others regarding any changes you are planning to make.