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1.) Why can’t I start in the Mojave?

  • TL;DR at the end.

Our original intention with this collection was to utilize the alternate start mod for NV considering how in depth and how much roleplay it adds. Also we wanted to give the player the choice of NV or FO3. Sadly it wasn’t compatible with TTW and the only one that really is is TTW Quickstart. This jumps you straight into the capital and at the end of the day, turned out to be what was best for how TTW/the mod list is balanced.

TL;DR: Balancing and mod incompatibilities

2.) I feel like I start off extremely weak after leaving the Vault, why is that?

To put it into perspective; You’re an 18 year old kid who just jumped out of the Vault and the only gun you’ve held so far shoots BBs. You probably stand a chance again mutated rats and roaches and maybe a raider or two. However, until you start getting more proficient with weapons and building into your characters levels more, the world is going to punish you. If you feel like you’ve got to run away from a fight then you definitely should

3.) Why is the water messed up, blocky, and why can I see it through walls?

This is caused by an improperly set up ENB. The ENB is no longer supported and is considered a modification of the modpack (which as well isnt supported)

4.) Where are the Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles during the tutorial? They aren’t behind the building like usual.

Look to your left. You won’t be shooting at the building anymore

5.) How do I level up?

Your character has to sleep to level up for more than 1 hour. If it doesn’t work try sleeping again for more than 3 hours

6.) How do I fix the Tranquility Lane Bug?

While this should be fixed, I have decided to include the Legacy Fix in the FAQ just in case of any future issues

  • Saving while SetPCYoung 1 is in effect overrides the player’s race’s IsChild flag when you load that save so you’re ‘permanently’ flagged as IsChild until the game engine resets/reloads.

  • When you load the new save (even works when stuck in the lounger bc the game has already issued SetPCYoung 0) the player’s IsChild flag will correctly have updated back to 0 (meaning you can now leave the lounger without needing to use any fix mods or console commands).

  • Effectively the bug occurs again, but in reverse - as evidenced by saves made and loaded BEFORE entering Tranquility lane returning IsChild » 0 after entering but » 1 after saving in TL then loading that save.

7.) How do I get the hit indicator out of the middle of my screen?

To turn this off you can go to Just Mods in MCM, then turn off the Hit Indicator

8.) Just travelled to the Mojave & my stuff is gone! Where did it go??

It is stored in Benny’s safe at the Tops Casino

9.) Will there be controller support?

More than likely not and if there is it will not be in the forseeable future

10.) How do I start the DLC’s?

**Starting the DLC for Fallout: New Vegas works as follows:**

  • Dead Money: The radio broadcast reaches to about Helios One and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Honest Hearts: The radio broadcast reaches down to Freeside and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Old World Blues: The radio broadcast has a fairly small radius around the Mojave Drive-In, and once you pick up the signal, the quest is started. Once you complete OWB and return to Vegas, the radio broadcast will regain its vanilla Mojave-wide range, for those who like the music.
  • Lonesome Road: Completing the other 3 DLCs’ main quests will automatically start the quest with a message from Ulysses, but you may also simply walk to the Canyon Wreckage to begin the quest whenever you’d like.
  • GRA/Pre-Order Packs: There’s nothing to start, but the mod removes the popup messages informing you the DLCs have been installed.

**Starting Fallout 3’s DLC in TTW works as follows:**

  • The Pitt: The radio broadcast reaches to about Oasis and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Operation Anchorage: The radio broadcast is active within the ruins surrounding Bailey’s Crossroads and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.
  • Broken Steel: Automatically starts after completing the main quest (note that TTW 3.3 plays the original game’s ending if you complete it in Hardcore mode and activate the purifier yourself).
  • Point Lookout: Walking south past the Citadel should start the quest when you get close enough to the Riverboat to hear the ship’s horn.
  • Mothership Zeta: The radio broadcast reaches to about the Scrapyard and needs to be listened to for the quest to start.

11.) Where is my stuff and how do I get it in Mothership Zeta?

You will find your gear in a container right after the space walk.

12.) Why does my gun shake so much?

This is caused by either a low gun skill or low strength skill, or both. The higher the stat, the more steady your gun will be.