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1.) Why is my Wabbajack Not Working/My DL Failing?

Try logging out of and back into your Nexus account in Wabbajack, then proceed with the download. If this doesn’t work try the following. If the below doesnt work send us your Wabbajack log in the #ttw-help discord channel

  • Close Wabbajack
  • Open your Steam Library tab
  • Right click the game title that you are modding
  • Select Properties
  • Select Local Files
  • Select Verify Integrity of Local Files
  • Launch Wabbajack & Retry Installation

If this doesn’t work, try using the Network Workaround in Wabbajack settings, then restart your installation


2.) ______ Mod is Failing to Download and I cant complete the installation. What do I do?

If this is a Nexus Mod please report it in the discord under #ttw-help with your accompanying Wabbajack Log. If this is not a nexus mod then find it from the list below.

After doing so, take the zip file you download and throw it into your Capital Punishment/Downloads folder. Start Wabbajack up again and restart the Capital Punishment installation.

3.) Why does Wabbajack say it cannot find my Fallout New Vegas install?

This usually happens when the game is moved to another folder than Wabbajack was originally ran with. Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local and delete the Wabbajack folder. This will clear the settings and regenerate the next time Wabbajack is ran.