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Getting Started

When starting this list, it’s difficulty is the most surprising factor to most of our new users. This guide will cover the general gameplay loop of this list while also ensuring both your success & survival

Hardcore Gameplay

The modern Fallout series (3, NV, & 4) traditionally are run & gun shooter RPGs. If you can find enough stimpaks and ammo, stopping to rest, recouperate, & restock are never a factor. This list implements changes that give much more punishing, but fair and realistic hardcore needs & gameplay factors.

While hardcore was in New Vegas, it was optional. Even if you turned it on, it was not the most balanced and the rates were a bit too fast. We have sought to alleviate this whilst simultaneously making sure that if you don’t take care of yourself, you will feel the effects.

Hardcore & The Gameplay Loop

So how does this tie into the gameplay loop, you may ask? To put it simply, we want the players to TAKE IT SLOW. We want the post-apocalyptic hellscape to be as realistic as possible. Everything can kill you and only you can prevent that from happening. Here are a few basic things you will need to consider when travelling the wastes.

  • You will need to drink water, you will need to sleep, you will need to eat, hell if you don’t want to be detected easier/have poor Charisma you will need to wash yourself.

  • Don’t want to be too hot or cold? Wear the appropriate clothing based on the weather for the day.

  • Don’t want to die in one shot to a Springvale raider? Equip yourself for a fight and find some good cover or run.

  • Worried about catching a disease? Bring some Immunoboosters with you and watch for those disease infested animals/where you get your water/food from.

  • Plan and prepare for your adventures before you leave a big city/trade hub. Your most basic necessities will be bandages, stimpaks, water, & food. This does not include extra medical items, chems, portable sleeping bags, ammo, and other items that will come of use, but are the four most important for each trip you make out in the wastes.

  • Do not ask yourself “How long can I stay out”. Ask “What do I need to do and with what I have, can I make it back to town alive?”.

While you are the center of the story still, you are not the almighty hero. You are just like everyone else and the power creep will only become prevalent as you level and gain experience throughout your adventures.

The Road Most Travelled

  • Creating a build that works well is extremely important. You only have 26 SPECIAL points to start with so making them count is crucial. While you may be tempted to try and be a jack of all trades in your SPECIAL, think about the things you will be utilizing most and make the rest either low level or complete dump skills. A good example build would be the build below.
Stat Value
  • From here you will be awarded little to no tag skill bonus alongside very low overall stats. This may be discouraging, but is primarily done so that players can experience a true increase in power as they play more into the list. Remember, you are a nobody like everyone else and you will start off that way until you improve yourself through sheer determination and patience.

  • When you leave the Vault look 45 Degrees to your right. You will notice what looks to be a dead Caravan that has been ambushed. While this is how it is set up to work with the game, its true intention is to give you beginner gear based on the Character you created and skills/perks you chose. Loot the Brahmin & all of the available Caravaneers to stock yourself up for the beginning of your adventure.

  • Like any other Fallout 3 run you may have done, getting to Megaton should be your first & foremost priority. This is the beginners hub and will be where you source most of your supplies and will spend most of your nights in game. That being said, you may choose to grab the Springvale Garage Home on your way there along with it’s associated questline.

  • Once you have made it to Megaton, sell what you do not need and buy what you do. Whether it be survival supplies, ammo, guns, etc, make sure you spend wisely. This is the start of your adventure and being ill prepared can be the difference between life and death. Congratulations on essentially breaking through the tutorial phase of the game! Heed all of the advice given above and you should make it out ok (Maybe save a little more often, things you cannot prepare for can happen).

Final Note: Be Prepared

To end this, I want to give you all realistic expectations. You will die a lot. It is not my intention to make playing this a chore, but how you play heavily depends on your survival. Again, play slowly and carefully. Don’t rush into battle, leave your Hub City ill prepared, or fight something you know you wont win against. When all else fails and it is a losing battle, RUN.