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Welcome to the Wiki for Forlorn Hope

A Fallout 4 Survival Roleplaying Experience

Forlorn Hope

Forlorn Hope is an upcoming Fallout 4 Modlist by the entirety of the MNV Development Team which attempts to tie in elements of popular titles such as STALKER, Days Gone, our Capital Punishment list, and other survival games to bring a unique and challenging experience to The Commonwealth. Ammo, guns and armors matter. Where your shots and the enemies go can be the difference between life and death. Each venture from a city should be prepared for in advance; Ammo, food, water, and other supplies properly stocked up on. But with persistence comes progression and with progression, an easier experience in the reacherous experience we have tried to create.

Forlorn Hope was named after the popular camp in Fallout New Vegas. We wanted to show that we have not forgotten our roots from Capital Punishment, and will provide plenty of references to the days of the Capital/Mojave.

How do I Install This List

For now this list is under heavy development. From the start of the original True Vegas to now, many mistakes have been made and many half-cocked releases put out. With Forlorn Hope I want to change this. Using the knowledge I’ve gained in the last 8 months, the help from my immensely talented time, and new knowledge I am gaining through development, I hope to release this in a fully stable manner for all of you to enjoy and experience relatively stable and bug free. A release date is not out yet nor will it be provided for a while. Please refer to this page/section for updates on a release date and general development

Where is the pack at Development Wise?

As of (1/23/2023) we feel as though the current addon set we have will be the included addons for base release. While more may be added, a majority of functionality, gameplay loop, and most other features are implemented. This longer phase of development will be hand testing everything, XEdit Conflict Resolution, and ensuring this is the best experience it can be.


This page and its associated pages will serve as the main pages for the list until a proper restructure and design can be made to the site. This restructure will include a new domain and a less Capital Punishment focused home page/side navigation bar