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Post-Wabbajack Installation & MO2 Setup

  • When the Wabbajack installation has completed, go to the folder you made

  • Open ModOrganizer

  • Since your directories may not match mine, you may need to set them up yourself. Go to Edit and make sure the SKSE directory is in the Stock Game folder pointing to the skse64_loader.exe

  • Go to the right side of MO2 go to plugins, the click sort

  • When ready launch the game using SKSE

  • If you get a pop-up saying mco.dll has been disabled just press no and ignore it, it needs an update for the latest version, but still works.

Congratulations! Your game should be up and running smoothly. If you are having any issues, please re-read the guide before coming to the Discord for help. There’s a help channel set up for questions and problems. Please also check the sidebar for Gameplay Guides and more information.