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Transporters - Immersive Fast Travel

The Transporters are one of the oldest factions on the West Coast. Decades ago, when they were tribals, they took to taming and riding Mole Rats. Nowadays, they use their talents to taxi citizens across the Wasteland with them. Take on the Mojave with a new form of Fast-Travel, with over 30+ travel destinations!

Features: ~35 different locations to travel from. Some need to be unlocked before travel. The Transporters speak among themselves and others. Over 300 lines of dialogue are included. “Moleholes” have been added to points of interest and work the same as the Transporters. They give off a green smoke signal so they could be easily found. Pueblo Manifesto, a brand new settlement and home to the Transporters, has been added to the Mojave. Along with a short quest and a Merchant. Fast-Travel-related challenges have been added so the player may gain XP through usage. A Premium Travel Membership can be purchased to extend the travel range and make fares cheaper.

JIP Fast-Travel Anywhere with Random Encounters

Using Fast-Travel Anywhere

Press the Map Hotkey (‘M’ by default) to show/hide the map. Note that this will not work while the game is paused (menus are open). (Optional) Press the Markers Hotkey (‘L’ by default) to show/hide map markers of selected locations, which can be used for better orientation. Note that this feature is only available for the NV/DC wasteland maps (DLC maps are small enough to not require it). Move the cursor over the map to your desired destination, then left-click/press ENTER to confirm, and you will fast-travel there.

When fast-travelling using FTA, there is a chance that, somewhere along the road, your party will be ambushed by enemies.

This mod enables fast-traveling to ANY point on the world-map - you will no longer be limited to marked, discovered locations. Pressing a hotkey will display the current world-map on your HUD, where you can select your destination. The restrictions on fast-traveling will apply here, as well: The journey will consume time; You will not be able to fast travel while over-encumbered, during combat, from indoors, and so forth. Moreover, your journey may be interrupted somewhere en route by a random encounter with enemies.