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MO2? NVSE?? What are all these acronyms?

To save time and space, we sometimes use acronyms for words we’re going to repeat a lot. Here is a list of key words.

WJ - Wabbajack, the tool we use to automate the installation

NVSE - New Vegas Script Extender, script extension mod used by mod authors for functionality purposes

MO2 - Mod Organizer 2, the mod manager we use.

NVR - New Vegas Reloaded, a visual overhaul of the game.

Where is MCM?

Hit M after pausing the game.

Why is my Wabbajack Not Working/My DL Failing?

Try logging out of and back into your Nexus account in Wabbajack, then proceed with the download. If this doesn’t work try the following. If the below doesnt work send us your Wabbajack log in the #fnv-help discord channel

Close Wabbajack

Open your Steam Library tab

Right click the game title that you are modding

Select Properties

Select Local Files

Select Verify Integrity of Local Files

Launch Wabbajack & Retry Installation

Why does Wabbajack say it cannot find my Fallout New Vegas install?

This usually happens when the game is moved to another folder than Wabbajack was originally ran with. Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local and delete the Wabbajack folder. This will clear the settings and regenerate the next time Wabbajack is ran.

How do I start the DLC’s?

Dead Money: Extends across the eastern section of the map centered around the Abandoned BOS Bunker. You should reach the signal as you travel the highway north of Novac.

Honest Hearts: Extends across the northern section of the map centered around the Northern Passage. You should reach the signal as you approach the Crimson Caravan Company from the south by Freeside’s East Gate.

Old World Blues: Extends across most of the southern section of the map centered around the Mojave Drive In. You should reach the signal as you enter the Ivanpah Dry Lake region from the north

Lonesome Road: Extends across the western section of the map centered around the Canyon Wreckage. you should reach it just before entering Primm while travelling south from Goodsprings. It uses Morse code audio files left over from Fallout 3 to match this DLC’s original popup description of an encoded signal.

General Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Help

1.) Have you looked at the installation guide?

2.) What Platform Is Your New Vegas Downloaded On? (If on Steam is it a Global, Non-English or PCR Copy?)

3.) Which directories are your New Vegas & Modlist Downloaded To?

4.) Have you installed the Visual C++ Runtime Libraries?

5.) Have you tried verifying your Fallout New Vegas installation, then tried the download process again?

6.) Do you have an antivirus installed and functioning?

How do I Get Help?

1.) Make sure to look at the installation guide and follow in order.

2.) If your issue is not in the FAQ or Installation Guide, take the time to look around the Wiki

3.) If your question is unanswered in our documentation, join our Discord. Some fixes that we have included there are not integrated to the wiki yet. Please look through our help channels in addition to looking through pins, announcements, and using the search function

4.) If after your searches you still cannot find your issue, make a help post on our discord and we will get to it as soon as possible!

Help Guidelines

This list does not include all guidelines. Staff may choose to ignore questions if it does not adhere to the below/under their own discretion.

1.) Do NOT private message or @ staff without their permission

2.) If your save is from an incompatible revision/a not up to date revision, support is voided.

3.) Modifying The Modpack = We Can’t Help You