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Welcome to the Dungeons & Daedra Wiki

This is a list which heavily relies on both the Heartland Wabbajack Framework & Bevilex Modlist on Nexus. For those familiar with these two guides, install steps and resources for troubleshooting will be relatively similar as the changes made between Heartland/D&D are minimal and (for the time being) only gameplay related. That being said a majority of credit for this list should be associated with Bevilex and the folks behind Heartland

What is Dungeons & Daedra?

Dungeons & Daedra is a total graphical and gameplay overhaul of Oblivion which utilizes Bevilex’s Modlist & Maskar’s Oblivion Overhaul to create a Dungeons & Dragons like experience. While this was originally a prevalent theme in Oblivion itself, there were areas that lacked depth such as dungeon delving, enemy variability/variety, etc. This is where Maskar’s Oblivion Overhaul comes into play. While not entirely lore friendly, it adds a plethora of new items, enemies, and features that replicate the feel of Dungeons & Dragons like gameplay.

A Big Thank You to the Heartland Team

This list is a near clone of there iteration of Bevilex’s guide and without this list, I doubt D&D would have been able to start with good enough footing. Thank you guys a ton and as I find more of your socials, I will post them here