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Welcome to the Boneyard Creations Modlist Wiki!

This wiki encompasses the information regarding all modlists developed by members of the Boneyard Creations/MrNewVegas Staff Team as well as myself. Our original list, Capital Punishment, has received much criticism and praise, both fair and unfair. From it all, we have taken both the fair criticism and praise to heart and have improved upon our previous attempts. Over months of trial, error, and learning we have made Capital Punishment into something we are proud of and that we feel is a stable and new experience for the budding masochist. With all of this newfound knowledge, we have decided to branch into different titles, using our combined strengths to try and make the most enjoyable modified gameplay experiences possible.

This does not go without saying that none of this would be possible without the volunteers who have spent countless hours working on open source mods, readable guides/materials, and more for these games we love. The credit should always be given to them first and foremost and I hope that you all take the time to endorse a few of your favorites, leave an encouraging comment, or show them love in some other form if you install one of our lists.

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The MNV Staff

Community & Development Lead: TheMrNewVegas

  • TheMrNewVegas (myself) is the original founding member and lead for both TheMrNewVegas Discord Community & the associated Boneyard Creations Team. He is also very handsome (his mom told him so no argument) and benches, like, 5 plates easy.


Community Manager: Bird/Lilly

  • The head of our Help team as well as one of the driving forces behind documentation, outreach, and other behind the scenes development for the community.


Lead Developer: McTiddies4Lunch

  • The head of our Development team, Tiddies is second to TheMrNewVegas in leading developmental changes to the modpack while also delegating development tasks to other developers. In addition he is the creator of Nostalgia & the soon to come Lost Runes modlists.


Developer: SexyThighs

  • One of the first members of the original staff team, Thighs has been instrumental in our bug testing and problem solving departments. Primarily functioning as QA, Sexythighs ensures all changes made to our lists are functional and that the list does not contain any game breaking issues

Developer: Camboi

  • Cam is the main developer and maintainer for our Xedit patch which has fixed a heap of discrepancies and bugs in the mod list. In addition, he works hand in hand with our lead developer to ensure that issues are not present with large changes to the list and has a direct hand in list development and maintenance.

Helpers: Clayby & Oatasaurus Rex

  • These are our bread and butter. While we try to make things work properly, these are the individuals who dedicates their free time to ensuring those with any troubleshooting/in game issues can have expedient assistance and hopefully get things resolved. In addition to this, they are also essential in both the bug & general gameplay testing departments.




  • The Wildlander Team: While we use the open source Just The Docs format, we have leaned heavily on the custom resources created by the talented Wildlander Team’s Wiki. I will continue to try to improve from their format and change ours to not be a near replica and would like to thank them for providing the resources for me to be able learn and produce a quality product. If you are a fan of Skyrim, please check out their Wildlander List. It is the sole reason I got into making mod lists and I attribute nearly all of my ideas, work ethic, and general skillset to their hard work.

  • The Boneyards Creation Team: Excluding myself (MNV), I want to thank the development & support members of this team. They sacrificed hours of their free time and put those hours into Capital Punishment and our other lists. I am extremely grateful to have both their dedication and support and look forward to our future endeavors as a team.

  • The Donators Whether you have donated through discord, patreon, kofi, or any other mode, we appreciate you immensely! It has allowed the team & myself to give financial recompensation to some of our hardworking team members, helped in running giveaways for the discord, and even helped in obtaining new hardware for streams and ensuring our modlists can be backed up locally!

  • NutnOff: Both for shaping Capital Punishment as a list very early and for countless hours of help with other lists. In addition was the primary reason I was able to get Lifetime Premium to make list compilation 10x easier.

  • Countless Mod Authors: Disagreements and agreements aside, none of this would be possible without the hard work of the mod authors behind each and every mod you find in one of our lists. A large thank you to all of them for providing these resources.

  • The TTW Team: Without their framework and both positive (and negative) critiques, the original Capital Punishment list would not be where it is at today nor would it function to begin with. Agreements/disagreements aside again, their dedication to bringing the world of Fallout 3 together with the Fallout New Vegas world space is a massive feat, not to mention the plethora of other supplementary mods they have released along the way.